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What’s Reset Reshape Restyle all about? Click on "What is" to find out how you can completely transform inside and out
Our 12 week Body Reset Program is a breakthrough in the world of lifelong weight management and health.     On the Reset page you’ll see befores and afters of men and women who lost the weight, kept it off and improved their health.     There’s so much to learn about it, so click on "RESET" to discover how you can finally forget about diets, weighing, measuring and going hungry.
Whether you choose to do our Reset Program or not, I can help you look 5 kgs lighter by helping you to understand your unique body shape, your body challenges and how to work with them to look better, more flattered and more stylish.     Once you understand your own shape, you’ll know how to choose the right cuts, lengths and shapes that will make you look dynamic.
Mental blocks have everything to do with what we attract into our lives.     Once we look and feel great, we need to keep that happening for us and the only way we can do that is to get to the source of what is stopping us from achieving everything we dream of.    To find out the details of what could be the best workshop out there to do just that, click "RESHAPE your Thinking".
Confidence comes when you understand a simple equation.    Colour + Shape = Perfect Style.      I can help you to work out your perfect colour palette in your wardrobe, accessories and makeup.  Combine this with your body shape knowledge and it will soon make sense to you what kind of garments will make you look and feel great.
My mission is to boost the confidence and self esteem of every man or woman who wants to make a better or more powerful impression by bringing out their absolute best self.     I work closely with you as long as you need to find the style and the look that makes you feel like a million dollars.
Find all out the services I can offer you and how little this investment in yourself will cost.

When you look and feel younger, slimmer, healthier and more stylish - your self confidence soars and all things become possible!

Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Mind, Body and Style Makeover and Get Gorgeous on the Inside and Out

There’s a great article here about the power of colour.  Plus shots of people of various ‘seasons’ to help you determine where you fit.

What an experience!      Many of my clients have said this is the best part of the whole transformation experience.      By coming shopping with me you’ll get to try on things that you may never have thought of before and you’ll see exactly what works for you and what doesn’t.     It’s so much better to shop with someone who has YOUR body shape, personal colouring and style in mind rather than a tired husband, cranky child or long suffering mum who just wants to cut the day short and go home. 

Are you aiming for a promotion?   A new job? Or maybe you’re working your way back into the workforce after a long time off?    I can help you put the corporate look together and dress to impress for the interview


“Hi, I’m Anne and for 25 years I worked in the corporate field.   Over those years I observed the power image held over careers and lives.    I saw what happened when someone who didn’t present themselves to their best ability applied for a job.    And I saw how well received a candidate was who was well presented and put forward the perfect first impression.    I saw how companies chose who was promoted and who was let go.    Their personal image had a lot do with the course of their careers.    

So in 1998 I decided to make it my mission to work with people to help them deliver the best possible impression.    At the same time boosting their confidence and self esteem to achieve what they want all through understanding how they look will affect those around them. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women and many men over the last 10 years and most of them want to look slimmer, younger, more stylish and dress beautifully for their age.   Many of them wish they could shed a few kilos and feel younger.    All of us want more confidence and to rid ourselves of mental blockages and hold us back.    So I’ve been described as more than just a Fashion or Personal Stylist – but one who works from the inside out to get healthier and feel better about ourselves along the way.”

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Reset our health and weight with Australia’s newest and arguably most affective lifelong weight management program.   It’s the Reset Your Body Program.    Get the weight off and boost your health.    Feel younger, look better, have more energy and find out how it is the essence of true ‘antiageing’.     With high level nutrition at it’s core, medically and scientifically backed, if you’re sick of diets, measuring, weighing and counting calories then you need to take a serious look at this.    I lost 12 kilos myself and it’s off forever!


Reshape your body and and your mind.      Whether you choose to take up the Reset Your Body program or not, you can look 5 kgs lighter by dressing cleverly.     Understanding your unique shape and how to dress it with the right cuts, lengths and shapes to flatter your figure challenges is the key to stylish, flattering dress.     


Restyle your wardrobe and your look!    Finding your personal style and looking fabulous at ANY age CAN be done!      There’s no greater feeling than knowing your personal style.    Once you understand your colours and put it together with body shape knowledge, shopping is SO much more effective and efficient.

Let me show you how!!  

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