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Personalised Colour Analysis

How to Look and Feel like a Celebrity .... All the time 

Do you ever wonder why some Hollywood Movie Stars glow and look great? Sure they have lots of dollars to throw at a team of stylists, but you can learn their secrets. Knowing the power of colour and shape is knowing the true keys to style. They aren't born with the skills, they need to learn them just like us, and what they learn is no different to what you can learn!

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Personalised Colour Analysis - (includes purse sized colour swatch, full instructional makeup in seasonal colours)

This service will help you to understand the colours that really work for you in your wardrobe, makeup, hair and accessories. Even the ones that don’t work for you – you’ll understand why!

This also includes an overview of your basic body shape.     In this same service you’ll understand your unique shape and the basic rules to look out for in lengths, cuts and shapes that work best for you.
As far as makeup is concerned, you’ll also go away with a sheet laying out exactly what we did, how we did it and what we used.
I’d suggest you put a full 2 hours aside for this service.   

A wallet sized colour swatch and a Personalised Style Book for you to keep and refer to.

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Groups of 3 to 6          $200.00/Person



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Make Up Techniques Training 

  Make Up Techniques Training   Includes mini colour analysis

Look 5 years younger, bring out your natural beauty and learn the secrets of the Pros...

Look like a cover girl with one of Australia's purest mineral makeup lines.

Hands on workshop using my professional products and tools.  You will discover exactly how to do an up to date makeup and make YOUR face look brilliant.    

Feel free to bring your own makeup so that you know the best ways to use it.     

We’ll work on a soft natural day look then work it into a smokey evening look.      

You’ll leave completely confident with how to do great makeup.     

The training takes approximately 2 hours.

My Preferred Product is Youngblood Mineral Makeup, one of Australia’s highest quality mineral makeups.   

Why Youngblood?

  • Healthier choice
  • Pure
  • The right ingredients
  • Natural flawless coverage
  • Beautiful lipsticks

Call or email anytime for a catalogue and price list.

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Make Up Techniques Training


Business Make Up Techniques Training, Groups of 3 to 6        



Personal Shopping

No Complaining, Impatient Husbands ... No opionated girlfriend.

No "Mother knows best" ...No kids wanting ice creams.

It's personalised, concentrated shopping for the perfect look

Just for YOU!

How much better can it get?

"What a BLAST!!" is what one of my clients said.

This is an awesome service and so many of my clients have a great time with it.     After your colour and style analysis, if you still feel you need some shopping assistance, this service is a MUST.    I’ll take you shopping and with my knowledge of your shape and colouring, we’ll have you trying on lots of different looks to help you find your personal style.      

This is where you’ll get to try on many things you would otherwise NEVER have chosen and be amazed at how great you can look.

Accessories are just as important as the garment and can work against you if not chosen correctly.      When you come shopping with me, we work with jewellery, shoes and bags too.     So I’d suggest you put 3 hours aside and I guarantee you’ll come away with a far great sense of your own personal style than when we started.

I also work with some of Brisbane’s leading hair stylists who can work wonders on your look!    They’ll examine your face shape, personal style and talk to you about your daily maintenance routine and work with you to create a style that’s perfect for you.

Do you wear glasses?     Did you know that the glasses we wear are the most important focal point on our face?     If they’re not right for us people won’t notice the windows to your soul. They’ll just notice the frames that simply aren’t flattering us.      You don’t want glasses that overtake your face, nor do you want ones that won’t flatter you and your personality.     I work with some fabulous Optometrists who can have you in the right frames, that will make a world of differnce to how the rest of the world sees YOU.

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Hourly rate 



shopping 1


shopping 2


glasses 1 glasses 2


Have you ever wished there was a magic wand that could wave over you and transform your face, and look all in one day?   

Fantasise no longer – it’s a reality!

Imagine having a day of concentrated personal styling.

Come and experience the Full Monty.




We’ll start the day at 9am at my studio for a full colour and body analysis including a full seasonal makeup and tuition.     You will receive your own wallet sized colour swatch, a personalised style book, a free blush, eyeshadow and lipstick palette in your perfect shade, worth over $100.    During this time you’ll enjoy a tea or coffee and morning tea while we assess where we’re headed next.    Then it’s straight to the shops!      I’ll work with your budget, your personal style, your colouring and what kind of gear you’re after.     Since you’ll have a full make up done,  when you see the gear with a new face you’ll have a whole new perspective on how colours and shapes reflect back up to your face.      We’ll also check out shoes, accessories and jewellery and you’ll have a couple of shots taken as a memento of the day.   


This will be a day of total spoiling like you have never experienced before!

A day with Anne will be an investment in yourself.

Morning tea and lunch is included.

Imagine how much Fun it would be with a couple of girlfriends - or a small group of 3-5.

What an awesome gift for someone special in your life.

"I wish I'd done something like this 10 years ago. I wouldn't have spent literally thousands on the wrong gear over the years" - Jackie R. , Kenmore . 
  • When booking just make sure you ask for ‘the Full Monty’
  • Put aside at least 5 hours and be ready for a complete overhaul.
  • Remember the cost of purchased clothing is extra.

What will you come away with?

  • 20 years of Anne's experience condensed into one day
  • A brand new sense of self and style
  • A whole new knowledge of makeup and it’s application
  • Your own personalised style book
  • A wallet sized swatch of your personal seasonal colours
  • A customised stylish makeup artists palette in your perfect shades of lipshine, eyeshadow and blush that fits easily into your handbag.   The perfect compact to go anywhere. Great for daily touch ups.
  • Greater knowledge of exactly how to shop in the future without the confusion
  • Knowledge of how to save literally thousands of dollars by shopping strategically in the future.
  • Greater confidence in how you look and how to carry yourself
  • Fine tuned knowledge of how to flatter your unique body shape
  • An appreciation of correct style shopping
  • A knowledge of how to choose the right accessories for you
  • A photograph of the new you

Time it so you go straight out with a loved one while you are looking and feeling a million dollars, or better still , go home and enjoy a champagne. You deserve it!!

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Here is how a Colour Analysis Happens

Silks, chiffons and beautiful coloured fabrics all help towards determining your personal palette. Coloured drapes are used to determine the general family of colour that suits a client.      When the ‘season’ has been determined, a full makeup in the client’s most flattering colours is applied.      When completed, the client is draped once again this time with complimenting fabric pieces to illustrate general wardrobe pieces and ‘what goes with what’.   This service helps the client to actually see the most flattering colours up against her and the effect it has on her own skintone.   It enables a client to completely understand and feel great about the most flattering colours in wardrobe choices.     It also makes very clear the colour choices in makeup and hair thereby eliminating the wasting of hundreds of dollars on incorrect purchases.

We also go into detail, in front of the mirror, to understand your unique shape.    You’ll understand your torso to leg length ratio, you’ll know where your challenges are and what to do to flatter them and you’ll have a better idea of what shapes to be on the lookout for that are going to best suit your body.

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Make Up Techniques .. Just like the Professionals use.

As a trained and professional make up artist I can illustrate tips and tricks used by makeup artists in the fashion business.     More importantly it is vital for a woman to understand not only how to apply makeup but how to recognize the difference between a business/corporate look and an evening or glamour look.      As neither the ‘glamour’ nor the ‘makeup free’ look is appropriate for business, it is essential to understand a non distracting business or soft natural day look and how to develop a skincare routine to develop a healthy, vibrant looking skin and apply makeup so that it stays professional looking all day. Lets face it, we want the world to look at us - right at our face. And when our best face looks back at the world we feel great

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What kind of makeup and skincare do I use and recommend ? I only recommend the best to my clients and its the products that I use myself. I am a great fan of pure, chemical free and paraben free product.

My skin care line is absolutely paraben free and loaded with antioxidants. The mineral makeup I use is one of the best in the world. Email mail me for more information.


young blood

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We Colour , We Style, We do Makeup and then ........We Shop!!!
This is the most fun of all.      Once we have an idea of colour and wardrobe style requirements I can take a client directly to an appropriate clothier.   Depending on your budget, your personal style and your clothing requirements will determine what kind of boutique we head to.    Suiting, accessories, hair, shoes and hosiery can be chosen correctly without outside and sometimes negative influences and distractions (e.g. husbands, boyfriends, mothers, children).

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