My Mission

My mission is to boost the confidence and self esteem of every man or woman who wants to make a better or more powerful impression by bringing out their absolute best self.     I work closely with you as long as you need to find the style and the look that makes you feel like a million dollars.

“Hi, I’m Anne and for 25 years I worked in the corporate field.   Over those years I observed the power image held over careers and lives.    I saw what happened when someone who didn’t present themselves to their best ability applied for a job.    And I saw how well received a candidate was who was well presented and put forward the perfect first impression.    I saw how companies chose who was promoted and who was let go.    Their personal image had a lot do with the course of their careers.    

For a long time, I didn't understand the power. I know I always felt better and was treated better when I dressed well. Then after a lot of years, when it all made sense, I knew I had to fine tune these skills and teach them to others.

So in 1998 I decided to make it my mission to work with men and women to help them deliver the best possible impression, at the same time boosting their confidence and self esteem to achieve what they want all through understanding how they look will affect those around them.  Believe me, vanity has nothing to do with it. Just as you learn skills of sales and communication, so you must learn the skills of personal presentation. They will be some of the sharpest tools in your business arsenal.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women and many men over the last 10 years and most of them want to look and feel slimmer, younger, more stylish and dress well for their age.   However, rest assured. My aim is not to make you look younger, but to look as fabulous as you can no matter your age.  All of us want more confidence and to rid ourselves of mental blockages that hold us back.    So I’ve been described as more than just a Fashion or Personal Stylist – but one who works from the inside out to get healthier and feel better about ourselves along the way.”

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